During silence time (from 13  to 15 and from 23 to 8) it’s forbidden: to cause noise which can disturb other guests, to pitch or remove tents or verandas, to go in or out with motor vehicles. During silence time the main entrance will be closed.

Visitor guests must be registered at the reception and pay the daily entry.

Camping vans, caravans, tents must be placed within the pitch, which have been assigned by the management office.

Cars and motorbikes must be parked inside the provided parking places and never be parked along the streets or free pitches.

Dogs are allowed, in regard to hygiene and public security.

Rubbish must be thrown in the proper bins for the differentiated waste disposal.

Toilets and all other facilities must be used with respect, according to the instructions provided by the management office.

The guests must take care of their belongings. The management declines all responsibility for any possible loss or theft.

Guests can only grill their food on the proper spaces provided by the camping.

It’s strictly forbidden to light a fire out of the proper spot.

Departures within 11 am, otherwise the management office will charge an additional daily fee

Children must be accompanied by parents or adults, who will grant  for them in regard to the management office